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Know exactly who is lobbying, how much they are spending, which government agencies they contact, and exactly which issues & bills they lobby on – every single day.

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Get an informational edge with Daily Lobbying Data. Track who is lobbying and stay informed. Help keep corporate lobbying accountable. Study the data: companies that lobby see great returns on investment - follow them and you can too.

With our unique Daily Lobbying Data offering, receive a well-structured, intuitive dataset each morning containing detailed information on every lobbying contract over the past two days up until that morning.

  • Lifetime access to data from any date of your subscription
  • Stored on servers - take and store data at your convenience
  • Available in CSV format
  • Company list lobbying trackers available upon request
  • Issue list lobbying trackers available upon request
  • Experts available almost 24/7 to answer questions


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