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Lobbying by FTX in 2022

This dataset tracks the approx. $1M spent on lobbying by crypto exchange FTX on specific bills and issues such as the Lummis-Gillibrand Act.


1,000 Lobbying Contracts in 2022

This random selection of 1,000 contracts includes publicly traded companies, interest groups, and state and local governments that have lobbied.


Lobbying by Tesla from 2020-2022

Last updated June. 2023, this dataset covers all of Tesla’s (TSLA) historical lobbying filings starting from 2020 to 2022.


Lobbying by Google in 2021

This dataset tracks all of Google’s (GOOGL) lobbying filings in 2021 and includes information from Waymo, Wing, and Google Cloud.


All Historical Lobbying by LA County

We provide data on each and every entity that has lobbied, including state and local governments. Explore Los Angeles county’s lobbying history.


Lobbying by Facebook in 2016

Explore Facebook’s lobbying activities in 2016 before and during the onset of the Cambridge Analytica and Trump Election fallout.

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