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Plans & Pricing

We license our database and datasets under a subscription model for regularly updated + historical data or a one-time flat-fee model for bulk historical data or individual datasets.

Our pricing depends on the number of users, license type, and possible data delivery methods (API, Flat Files, or GUI).


Individual Datasets

Actionable, lightweight datasets on specific topics within the lobbying industry, delivered via AWS S3.

Lobbying data

Alternative Data/Bulk Datasets/API

High-quality bulk real-time and historical lobbying data delivered intraday via AWS S3 or REST API.

Lobbying Insights

Custom Research

Custom research on the lobbying industry – on the client/company, lobbying firm, issue, bill, or lobbyist level.

Attributes & Data Dictionary

Extract value from the $4.1 billion lobbying industry using our intelligently crafted, easy to understand dataset design.



Lobbying Contracts


Lobbying Entities Tracked



Federal Lobbying Coverage



Years of History

wdt_ID Attribute Type Description Example
1 filing_url String The https link to the original HTML lobbying filing hosted by the Senate Office of Public Records. https://lda.senate.gov/filings/public/filing/049d57ec-71db-4c75-8b98-a5017ada0b5c/print/
2 filing_uuid String The unique identifier of a lobbying filing, representing a relationship between a client and a lobbying firm. 049d57ec-71db-4c75-8b98-a5017ada0b5c
3 filing_year Integer The year in which the lobbying activities for that lobbying report took place. 2019
4 client_uuid String LobbyingData.com's unique identifier for a client (i.e. entity that purchases lobbying services from a lobbying firm). 1ff9a1fde3bcdc6cbc583c4946265e6743625b17c1eb5e6a41
5 client_id Integer The Senate Office of Public records unique identifier for a client (i.e. entity that purchases lobbying services from a lobbying firm). 196141
6 client_name String The name of the client that purchases lobbying services from a lobbying firm (i.e. companies, organizations, public entities, and interest groups). American Airlines, Inc.
7 ticker_symbol String The ticker symbol for the client if the client is publicly traded. AAL
8 client_ticker_indicator String A column indicating yes or no if the client has a matched ticker symbol. Yes
9 client_government_entity String A column indicating yes or no if the client is a government entity. No
10 affiliated_organizations: affiliated_organizations_name Nested Dictionary: String Name of the organizations affiliated with the lobbying client. BNP Paribas
Attribute Type Description Example

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