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By joining our Referral Program, you become an ambassador for LobbyingData.com, helping to spread the word about our powerful database and lobbying industry insights. When you refer us to potential clients, you’re not only helping them make informed decisions, but you’re also contributing to the growth of the lobbying transparency community.

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We welcome referrals for any organization or institution that can benefit from our database, including university library systems, hedge funds and investment, law firms and management consultancies, and news media organizations. 

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Who can you Refer?

We welcome referrals for any organization or institution that can benefit from our database, including:

Financial Services and Investments

Hedge funds and investment firms seeking valuable data to improve their strategies, risk management, and decision-making processes.

Law Firms & Consultancies

Law firms, consultancies, and other professional services firms that require accurate and up-to-date lobbying information to advise clients.

News & Media Organizations

News organizations and media outlets that require accurate, up-to-date lobbying information for investigative journalism.​

Universities and Academia

Universities and Academic institutions researching lobbying activities, policy development, and political science.

Rewarding Your Contributions

We offer an attractive commission system for successful referrals.

This commission system ensures that your contributions are recognized and celebrated, reflecting our commitment to building a thriving, supportive community that values transparency and data-driven decision-making.

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