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U.S. Lobbying Database: Real-Time & Historical Coverage (24 years), 1.6M+ lobbying contracts, 200k+ entities tracked & tickerized corporate lobbying

LobbyingData.com’s Historical Lobbying Database captures 100% of American federal lobbying activity and can help you develop novel predictive modeling capabilities, unique demand forecasting products, pointed investment research, and unveil new layers in due diligence amid a policy backdrop.


Unlock powerful insights and make data-driven decisions with LobbyingData.com. Our Real-Time & Historical Lobbying Database covers 100% of federal lobbying activity in the US, providing you with a wealth of information to develop predictive models, forecast demand, conduct thorough investment research, and gain valuable information for due diligence. Stay ahead of the curve with actionable intelligence on policy trends and developments.

LobbyingData.com provides exclusive access to alternative data on American lobbying, by turning government information into user-friendly, adaptable datasets. With over 1.6 million lobbying contracts, 13,000 firms, 109,000 entities, and 78,000 lobbyists in our database, it’s the most comprehensive source of lobbying information available.

Our lobbying data is collected and aggregated from the U.S. Senate Office of Public Records from 1999-present and is updated on a regular basis. We utilize advanced data science techniques to ensure accurate data points are collected and ingested, match similar entities across time, and tickerize publicly traded companies that lobby.

Our comprehensive and advanced lobbying database is completed with all the information you need, with more than 1.6 million lobbying contracts ready-for-analysis. We include detailed information on all aspects of federal lobbying, including the following fascinating attributes, among much more:

1. Clients: The publicly traded company, privately owned company, interest group, NGO, or state or local government that employs or retains a lobbyist or lobbying firm.

2. Registrants (Lobbying Firms): Either the name of the lobbying firm hired by the client, or the name of the client if the client employs in-house lobbyists.

3. Lobbyists: The names and past government work experience of the individual lobbyists working on a lobbying contract.

3. General Issues: The general issues for which clients lobby on (ex: ENV – Environment, TOB – Tobacco, FAM – Family Issues/Abortion).

4. Specific Issues: A long text description of the exact bills and specific issues for which clients lobby on.

5. Bills Lobbied On: A parsed version of Specific Issues that catches specific HR, PL, and ACTS lobbied on (ex: H.R. 2347, S. 1117, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act).

6. Agencies Lobbied: The names of one or more of 250+ government agencies lobbied on in the contract (ex: White House, FDA, DOD).

7. Foreign Entities: The names and origin countries of entities affiliated with the client (ex: BNP Paribas: France).

Using our intelligently designed & curated data quality, researchers can easily perform analysis by company, lobbyist, lobbying firm, government agency, or issue. We earnestly work with our customers to deliver this database in the methods or formats of their choosing, from: CSV, JSON, DTA, PKL, to other formats and methods. We’re flexible.

Gain access to our highly unique and actionable U.S. lobbying database. Further information on LobbyingData.com and our alternative datasets and database can be found on our website, or by contacting us at [email protected]

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