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Follow the money in politics in real-time with our Daily Lobbying Data tool, which provides a real-time view of who is lobbying, how much they spend on it, the government agencies they contact, and the issues on which they lobby.

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Historical Data

Our historical (1999-2022) data is a perfect tool for equity research professionals, academics, and civic activists who require analytics on trends or specific company lobbying activity. offers bulk historical data, including detailed information on all lobbying contracts throughout history.

Daily Data

Our publicly available Daily Lobbying Data Dashboard is updated each hour and displays all lobbying filings throughout the last 30 days (depending on volume). The Lobbying Data Pro membership offers an augmented version of this dashboard with stock tickers matched to publicly traded companies that appear in lobbying filings, among other things.

Lobbying Issues

Each lobbying record is associated with at least one of 78 issue areas. Our data design allows you to easily filter each record by any issue of your choosing; perfect for regressions. If listed, easily learn which firms lobby on exact bills posited by congress.

The Lobbyists

A view into the Revolving Door? We include detailed information on every single lobbyist in the recorded history of the industry and match their names across time to ensure accuracy. In addition, we specify previous government employment for high profile lobbyists with previous “covered positions”.

Filtering & Sorting

View the exact price paid for lobbying services and filter across groups with ease! We match every lobbyist name, lobbying firm, and lobbying client throughout 1999-2022 to standardize them, allowing for you to truly follow the money across time.

Government Agencies

Effortlessly look through contracts to find out which lobbying registrants contacted one or more of over 250 government agencies. Filter each record by any agency of your choosing; perfect for regressions.

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Find out who is pulling the strings.

From complex, unstructured government datasets to intuitive highly adaptable insights.

Each year since 2008 has seen over 3 billion dollars spent on lobbying, with each crisis continually adding more and more salience to its impact on public policy and government procurement and budget.

Our datasets & daily reports are a treasure trove for academics, journalists, financial professionals, and civic activists alike.



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