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LobbyingData.com Announces Partnership with Dewey Data

LobbyingData.com has announced a partnership with Dewey Data


Today we announce an exciting new partnership with Dewey Data

We at LobbyingData.com are ecstatic to announce our partnership with Dewey, a platform committed to providing unparalleled access to third-party data for academic research. As the premier source for both historical and real-time lobbying data in the United States, we are making our exhaustive data feeds available for purchase on the Dewey platform. Academics can now access data including specific details about lobbying firms, agencies, issues, and expenditure. Dewey account holders can also freely explore a sample of our unique dataset, unlocking a myriad of research opportunities.

Implications of the Partnership

Our collaboration with Dewey represents a significant step forward in bringing comprehensive lobbying data to academics across the globe. Dewey’s unwavering dedication to connecting researchers with third-party data dovetails perfectly with our mission to illuminate the intricate world of lobbying. As Neil Bhatia, our Founder & CEO, puts it, “We’re proud to assist Dewey in enabling academics to delve deeper into policy landscapes, macroeconomics, and beyond.”

This partnership not only broadens our reach within the academic community but also amplifies the value we deliver to our stakeholders. Academics gain unprecedented access to our data, enabling a richer understanding of the lobbying industry and its far-reaching impacts. Concurrently, the application of our data in rigorous academic research underscores its value and utility, encouraging more partnerships and collaborations in the future.

An Insight into LobbyingData.com

LobbyingData.com stands at the forefront of the alternative data market, dedicated to harvesting, compiling, and presenting comprehensive lobbying data in a user-friendly format. We have been sourcing information directly from government sources since 1999, translating it into digestible datasets. Our database captures extensive details about more than 1.6 million lobbying contracts, 13,000+ lobbying firms, 200,000+ entities, and over 78,000 lobbyists, offering a treasure trove of insights for various research disciplines.

The World of Lobbying

Lobbying is a complex landscape where corporations, individuals, and other entities interact with policymakers to shape legislative decisions. It generates a vast amount of data which, when systematically analyzed, can provide unique insights into policy trends, economic shifts, and societal impacts. The implications of lobbying data extend far beyond political analysis; it reveals pivotal connections between corporate investments, legislative changes, economic trends, and cultural dynamics.

The Advantage of Data Company and Academic Research Partnerships

Data companies often collaborate with academic institutions to capitalize on the in-depth analysis and independent validation that academia offers. Such partnerships enhance the credibility of the data and aid in extracting its maximum value. By providing our data on platforms like Dewey, we extend our reach, offering researchers the chance to dissect and understand it, leading to fresh insights and discoveries. Additionally, feedback from the academic community’s usage of our data aids us in refining our offerings based on practical applications and needs.

Maximizing the Benefits of LobbyingData.com

Our goal is to encourage and facilitate the exploration of our dataset by the widest possible academic audience. We do this by offering our data on the Dewey platform. By actively engaging with the Dewey community, we foster continuous conversation about the wealth of research opportunities that our data unveils. This open dialogue stimulates new ideas, broadens understanding, and propels the knowledge frontier in this dynamic field.

We at LobbyingData.com are ecstatic to announce our strategic partnership with Dewey, a platform committed to providing unparalleled access to third-party data for academic research.

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