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Cloudflare, Inc. (NET): all U.S. lobbying, including historical lobbying contracts, government bills and agencies, and critical issues lobbied on.


Discover Cloudflare’s lobbying activities with our comprehensive dataset, offering insights on spending, bills, and issues from 1999-present. Analyze data by company, lobbyist, issue, and more through our intelligently crafted data design. Dataset updated weekly.


Using our intelligently designed and intuitive dataset, you can quickly understand how Cloudflare, Inc. (NET) is lobbying the U.S. government, how much they’re spending on it, and most importantly – the bills and specific issues on which they lobby.

Gain an informational edge with our Lobbying Data Intelligence. Perform analysis by company, lobbyist, lobbying firm, government agency, or issue.

For lobbying firms: understand your competitors. Understand who is registering with who. Gain insight on quarterly reports and specific issues other firms are lobbying on.

Our lobbying data is collected and aggregated from the U.S. Senate Office of Public Records from 1999-present and is updated on a regular basis. We utilize advanced data science techniques to ensure accurate data points are collected and ingested, match similar entities across time, and tickerize publicly traded companies that lobby.

Our comprehensive and advanced lobbying database is completed with all the information you need, with more than 1.6 million lobbying contracts ready-for-analysis. We include detailed information on all aspects of federal lobbying, including the following fascinating attributes, among much more:

1. Clients: The publicly traded company, privately owned company, interest group, NGO, or state or local government that employs or retains a lobbyist or lobbying firm.

2. Registrants (Lobbying Firms): Either the name of the lobbying firm hired by the client, or the name of the client if the client employs in-house lobbyists.

3. Lobbyists: The names and past government work experience of the individual lobbyists working on a lobbying contract. 3. General Issues: The general issues for which clients lobby on (ex: ENV – Environment, TOB – Tobacco, FAM – Family Issues/Abortion).

4. Specific Issues: A long text description of the exact bills and specific issues for which clients lobby on.

5. Bills Lobbied On: The exact congressional bills and public/private laws lobbied on, parsed from lobbying report specific issues (ex: H.R. 2347, S. 1117, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act).

6. Agencies Lobbied: The names of one or more of 250+ government agencies lobbied on in the contract (ex: White House, FDA, DOD).

7. Foreign Entities: The names and origin countries of entities affiliated with the client (ex: BNP Paribas: France).

Gain access to our highly unique and actionable U.S. lobbying database. Further information on LobbyingData.com and our alternative datasets and database can be found on our website, or by contacting [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudflare, Inc. (NET) lobbying for?

Summary of Cloudflare’s Lobbying Data:

– Lobbying Firms Hired: Inc. (F/K/A Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas, Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas, Inc.), Inc., Mehlman Consulting
– General Issues Lobbied On: Homeland Security, Computer Industry, Intelligence, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Trade (domestic/foreign)
– Specific Issues Lobbied On: Cyber-security, Information sharing, Encryption policy, Protecting networks from DDoS attacks, IoT policy, privacy legislation and regulation, Federal Procurement of COTS cyber solutions, Changes to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Internet industry growth and network management, the role of Internet intermediaries in addressing hate speech and similar content online, Section 230 reform, Competition policy and cloud services, DNS over HTTPSIP protection & web security/consumer privacy, Global internet freedom of speech, Internet Governance, Cross-border data flows, platform liability and copyright protection, law enforcement access, Proposal to require verified identification of global cloud services customers, Monitoring P.L. 117-263, the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023, the Platform Accountability and Consumer Transparency (PACT) Act, S. 3398 EARN IT Act of 2020, S. 4066.

One could infer that Cloudflare is lobbying on these issues in order to influence government policy and regulation to improve the state of cybersecurity, protect online privacy and freedom of speech, and ensure fair competition in the cloud services industry. Cloudflare provides internet security and performance services to businesses, and lobbying on issues related to cybersecurity, encryption, and platform liability may have a direct impact on their business operations. Additionally, lobbying on issues related to privacy legislation and regulation shows that Cloudflare is committed to protecting user data and keeping up with industry standards.

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