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Prysmian Group Lobbies for Manufacturing

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The Prysmian Group has Spent 175,000 USD in Lobbying Costs Since the Start of 2022

The Prysmian Group (Prysmian), a multinational industry with global reach, specializes in the production of electrical cables used for optical fibers. Starting with underwater telegraph cables in the late 1880s, the company is now the global leader in cable production for wind farms and is valued in the billions (USD).  Prysmian is currently lobbying of behalf of H.R. 6865, the Don Young Coast Guard Authorization Act, which would authorize appropriations for the U.S. Coast Guard and the Federal Maritime Commission through fiscal year 2023. Appropriations would specifically be set aside for the acquisition of icebreaker vessels. Revisions concerning the Coast Guard’s operations, infrastructure, environmental compliance, and personnel behaviors are also included.

The Prysmian Group operates in 50 countries worldwide and has over 150 years of experience.

Johnathan Miller and Rebecca Robertson are the two lobbyists listed in the most recent report. Both work for Frost Brown Todd LLC which has been hired by five clients this year for a sum of 412,000 (USD). Last year the company was hired by three clients for 418,000 USD and the current lobbying report has an expenditure of 50,000 USD. If looking for information on these lobbyists it is difficult to find and piece things together across different sites. With Lobbyingdata.com a comprehensive background of the lobbyists is readily available, including their work history with any governmental departments. Lobbyingdata.com is the go to alternative data source for fast, reliable, and critical lobbying information.

The Regional Ocean Partnership Act, S. 1894, is another bill relevant to Prysmian’s industry. Introduced to the Senate in May of last year, this bill would permit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to designate and support Regional Ocean Partnership between states that share common ocean or coastal areas. Common watersheds and bordering the Great Lakes are also included. The establishment of these partnerships would be to maintain means of coordination, consultation, and engagement while also providing grants for certain purposes like water quality testing and monitoring.

Submarine Cables and the Underwater Environment  

Submarine cables are critical when it comes to global communications sector, carrying nearly 98 percent of all international communications data. There is a general misconception that installing such cables has a negative or even detrimental impact on the ocean environment and its many inhabitants. This is incorrect as at most these cables have a neutral impact on the environment and are essential to modern communications and. A white paper released in August of 2016 by the International Cable Protection Committee details the research findings of various cable-laying ventures and subsequently presented those findings to the United Nations. New submarine cables are still being built and planned, and for an interactive and for an interactive look at these developments, feel free to visit TeleGeography.com.

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