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LobbyingData.com Announces the Launch of the First-Ever Publicly Available Real-Time View of American Lobbying


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LobbyingData.com / September 13, 2022

LobbyingData.com (LobbyingData) today announces the official launch of Daily Lobbying Data, the first-ever 100% free real-time view into American Lobbying.

With LobbyingData, anyone can easily know which companies are lobbying, how much was spent, and-most importantly-the issues being lobbied for. LobbyingData is the only platform of its kind that provides insight into why companies choose to lobby. LobbyingData also allows users to filter the data by issues lobbied on, dollar amount spent, government agencies, and specific companies.

Everyday, thousands of companies lobby to persuade the government to rewrite laws in their favor, secure massive government loans, and fight for government contracts. Information on lobbying activity has been deliberately shrouded in convolution and secrecy making access to the information nearly impossible for the public, until now.

LobbyingData sources all of the thousands of lobbying exchanges everyday and distills the information into an easy to understand, tabular dashboard – providing transparency to the public into the notoriously opaque and powerful industry of lobbying. The dashboard is accessible on web and mobile.

“What would you do if you knew that GM was releasing an electric hummer two weeks before the public launch? What choices would you make if you found out that Kodak would be getting a massive government loan days before they received it?” asked LobbyingData founder and data scientist, Neil Bhatia. “These shreds of insight gold, guarded from the public, are now available for anyone with internet access. LobbyingData is ready to change the future of informed decision making.”

A Lobbying Data Pro plan is also available for purchase that connects lobbying contracts to stock market tickers providing an innovative source of alternative data completely new to the market. It has already been used in many applications, from academic research to quantitative finance, trading, and equity research.

There are five lobbyists working on this contract, all of which have prior government experience. In the context of lobbying data, these lobbyists have submitted their “covered positions” publicly in the lobbying report.

Founder, Neil Bhatia, has big plans for LobbyingData’s future, including a historical database to uncover company actions in lobbying from 1999 to present day. LobbyingData continues to find new ways to provide accessibility and transparency into the lobbying industry.

This official press release can be found on Accesswire.

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