Pepsico Registers with Cassidy & Associates

September 09, 2022

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Lobbying Registration: Pepsico x Cassidy & Associates

On September 9th, 2022, Pepsico, Inc. (PEP) submitted a lobbying registration, hiring Cassidy & Associates, Inc. to lobby on:

Recycling and plastic waste reduction.

Lobbying firms like Cassidy & Associates, Inc. are required to submit registration reports like this for every client they represent. The firm submitted two other lobbying registration on the same day: one with Seqirus USA, Inc. and another with an organization called the Forest Employees for Environmental Ethics. The general lobbying issue, which is one of 78 possible issue choices lobbyists can tick off in the lobbying data once submitting their reports, was “ENV” – standing for environmental issues.

There are five lobbyists working on this contract, all of which have prior government experience. In the context of lobbying data, these lobbyists have submitted their “covered positions” publicly in the lobbying report.

All of the lobbyists working on this contract had prior government experience

The lobbyist covered official positions are as follows:

Amelia Jenkins: “Dep Staff Dir/Sen Policy Advisor-House Comm Nat’l Resources; Prin Dep Asst Sec-Congressional Aff. Dept of Energy; Staff Dir- Subcommittee on Water & Power; Sr Leg Staff-House Comm on Resources; Leg. Dir-Cong George Miller; Leg. Aide-Cong DeFazio”

Jordan Bernstein: “Chief of Staff and Legis. Dir. for Cong Emerson”

Zak Baig: “Staff director, EPW and small business committee. Senator David Vitter – chief of staff, legislative director, legislative assistant”

Jen Adler: “Rep. DeFazio- Press Secretary; House Committee on Natural Resources- Communications Director; House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure- Communications Director”

Paul Sass: “Staff Director, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure; Deputy Staff Director, House Committee on Small Business; Congressman Sam Graves – Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Legislative Assistant”

This lobbying data was retrieved from the Senate Office of Public Records lobbying disclosure REST API. All daily data by is available at

The original lobbying registration between Pepsico and Cassidy & Associates can be found here.

Photo by Warszawska róg Szerokiej on Unsplash


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